The National Department of Traffic in Spain (DGT) has awarded Star Defense Logistics & Engineering (SDLE) the contract for the supply of 28 multicopters. The remotely piloted aircrafts will be used for highway traffic surveillance and regulation.

The Spanish DGT began using drones to improve air traffic management in 2019, and is going to expand its fleet of unmanned aircraft to cover regulatory needs, especially on road sections where there is greatest risk of accidents.

road surveillance with drones in Spain

The drones will reinforce the monitoring that is already done from DGT helicopters, especially during operations with more roadtraffic and in areas where more security is required due to the concentration of cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians.

SDLE is official distributor of the professional drones manufactured by Aeronautica SDLE. Specifically, these 28 Spanish-made drones are designed to meet the specific needs of the National Department of Traffic in terms of flight safety and data transfer, and will be equipped with high quality and range cameras.

Manufacturer of the Spanish Guardia Civil Anti-drone systems

Aeronautica SDLE is also manufacturer of the portable anti-drone systems recently acquired by the Spanish Guardia Civil. These systems are used to neutralize drones identified as threats, to protect areas such as airports, critical infrastructures or large concentrations of people from possible attacks, incidents or espionage.