SDLE integrates inhibition and communication systems for vehicle platforms, providing solutions to the needs of all tactical vehicles. From our headquarters in Madrid, we carry out the 3D mechanical design of our solutions, manufacturing our own developments and increasing communications systems security.

Advance electronics and optronics for diagnosis and repair of hardware and software components. Development of third generation thermal cameras, on-board control, surveillance and recognition systems.

Innovation in the design of integrated air defense and perimeter protection solutions. Integration and automation of alarm management systems, control and visualization of video data.



Design and upgrading of wheel and chain vehicles

SDLE carries out the entire process of repair and upgrading of assemblies and subassemblies, giving preventive, corrective and evolutionary maintenance. Once the prototype has been validated with the end user, we prepare a complete industrialization study. We provide high qualification training for the equipment maintenance, for which we have personnel specialized  in the processes and capability to provide the client with all the necessary test equipment and materials to ensure a complete operability.

The Dragoon armoured fighting vehicle was improved by SDLE and renamed Dragoon 2 ASV (Armored Security Vehicle), or Patroller.  Mainly designed for Police and Security roles, the Dragoon is in use with different US law enforcement agencies, Turkey military Police, Québec and Guatemala.

The Dragoon manufactured by SDLE is a very versatile vehicle, it can be equipped with a wide range of weapons systems of different calibers as well as additional protection kits, riot management systems, satellite, towing, etc.

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