SDLE works with radar and optronic technologies. We can reinforce mobile surveillance with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in command centers to detect threats in detail.

UAVs can also be located in different surveillance posts or be available for the use of the mobile interception unit to support the assistance team.

We manufacture UAV of different types , size and load capacity for different functions:

  • Permanent surveillance of an area.

  • Assistance to the command post to anticipate needs after an alert, sending information in real time.

  • Sending material for urgent assistance (health emergency, rescue, etc.)

  • Public address notice anticipating the arrival of an interception unit.

  • Emergency lighting.



Remotely piloted aircraft equipped with artificial intelligence for different operations on civil airspace:

  • Facilities inspection, both in height or confined spaces

  • Support in emergencies caused by natural catastrophes or crisis situations

  • Supply of basic necessities

  • Illumination

  • Wifi signal

  • Science and research

  • Phytosanitary treatments for pest control

  • Wastewater and dumping control

  • Gases and pollutants detection. NRBC (Nuclear, Radiological, Bacteriological and Chemical)



Public Works machinery
Conditioning units
Humanitarian service containers

In addition to have a leader status in maintenance and repair of military land vehicles, SDLE has a broad experience in supplying spare parts for industrial machinery, as well as in supply and repair of humanitarian service containers, generating sets, air conditioning equipment and maintenance of public works machinery. As manufacturer, SDLE provides all the necessary material for this kind of services, as well as consumables and spare parts necessary to operate.

Water-treatment plant

Purification equipment based on reverse osmosis systems. Salts and impurities are separated from water, to completely remove bacteria or viruses.

Compact, efficient and autonomous systems for use in all types of places and circumstances (military, civilian, natural catastrophes, etc.).

As manufacturer, SDLE provides all the required material for the systems operation as well as consumables and spare parts necessary to operate. SDLE has a post-sale maintenance service and also offers routine reviews of the systems.

Our customers obtain: Savings in water and energy, reuse solutions, savings in operational costs and environment respectful treatments.

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