Armoured vehicles modernization

First phase. Prototyping:

  • Proactive search for solutions adapted to new threats

  • Research, evaluation, design and operational phases outreach for getting an improved development adapted to customer conditions

  • Reliability analysis of defensive systems

  • Integration of sensors and third generation cameras

  • Security systems in communications

  • Surveillance and recognition systems

  • Defense systems customization

  • Ballistic protection and anti-explosion systems

  • Calibration with equipment settings

  • Revision, repair and verification of the power train, electronic equipment, monitoring systems, gearboxes, etc.

  • Shot blasting, priming and painting

  • Reconfiguration of different parts of the vehicle, with study of implementation of turrets and moving parts

  • Assembly of the whole set and validation of it with the end user

Second phase. Industrialization:

  • Study of the different phases of production.

  • Development of processes to industrialize production.

  • Definition of the Layout of the production plant.

  • Option of industrialization in the client’s facilities.

  • Cofabrication with the support of qualified personnel in the client’s facilities, or cofabricación in own facilities forming the client’s personnel.

  • Six Sigma / 5’s Methodologies

  • Training type training and simulation.

  • After sales assistance.